2 thoughts on “Uzi Pro Pistol Review at TFB”

  1. I also understand the critique the TFB reviewer had for Uzi Pro pistol. He is, however, trying to compare a neutered SMG to a Glock 17 and losing sight of what an Uzi is and is supposed to be. I do agree that in pistol form, an Uzi (except for very specific mission requirements) is not the greatest. These weapons are meant to have a stock though. With a folding stock you get an extremely compact, ultra reliable, and supremely effective PDW.

    It’s not meant for Springfield XDS type concealed carry, but concealable firepower for greater capability in protection and for assaulting and clearing in CQB.

    To get around the silly and arbitrary SBR laws in this country, the most obvious addition (or factory configuration) is an arm brace. This transforms a neat military collectors pistol into a usable carbine that folds into a concealable package of less than 12″. It makes a perfect truck gun, or even bugout gun for this reason.

    Having military and combat experience, I fully appreciate the robust and simple nature of the Uzi design. I also understand the tactical significance of the weapon system and it intended uses.


    1. Yeah, the “real-deal” factory version of the SMG is a pretty neat gun, what with the integrated folding VFG and folding stock. A shame we never saw it make it to the US in semi-auto SBR form. Unfortunately, with the 41p changes, I’m doubtful there’s a business case for it, especially given that the lower would probably need some subtle redesigning to be appropriate for semi-auto use. Ah well.


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