Sorry for the lack of posts lately

Just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts lately – I’ve been dealing with some RL commitments, and I’ve had zero time to go shooting or write blog posts until recently.

As for the future:

  1. I have a BUL Storm Compact and an IMI Jericho FL that are awaiting review.
  2. I’d like to dig a little bit into an Israeli-modified 98k rifle.
  3. I’d like to do a two year retrospective on the IWI Tavor SAR.
  4. More accessory reviews! (Hopefully.)

2 thoughts on “Sorry for the lack of posts lately”

  1. I’m always enjoying your posts as I too, am a “Jew with a gun”. I’m especially curious to see your Israeli-modified K98 Mauser as I own quite a few.

    If you’d like to do a story on the highly modified IDF-IAF Armalite .22 survival rifle (which employed FN-FAL & K98 parts) I’d be happy to send you photos of my gun. Dittos for my .357 IMI Timberwolf carbine!

    Best wishes,
    Steve in Arizona


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