IWI releases version 3 of the polymer Jericho

TFB has a great blurb on the new version of the polymer Jericho that IWI just released. It apparently has an improved grip texture, no finger grooves, upgraded accessory rail, and a replaceable backstrap. None of that is revolutionary, but the replaceable backstrap is actually somewhat uncommon on CZ-75 derivatives. I assume IWI-US will be importing this new Jericho version in the future.

Speaking of IWI-US, they announced last month that the Galil ACE in 5.56 was shipping to their distributors. Fascinatingly, I have not seen any on Gunbroker, which makes me wonder exactly what happened there.

(Sorry for not having posted for a while – new job, less range time, kids, Passover, etc. I have some great content lined up, and just need to get it up online.)

3 thoughts on “IWI releases version 3 of the polymer Jericho”

  1. As a guy with small hands who only owns a 941 FL (full sized steel/poly), I’d be very interested in comparing the feel on the replaceable backstrap version.


    1. You should also note the lack of finger grooves on the v3 – I know some people with above/below-average hands hated them on the v2 of the polymer Jericho, and it appears that IWI has taken that critique to heart. I am blessed with average hands, so they worked for me, but I don’t feel they add much compared to the non-groove version.


      1. I’ve never liked them in other pistols, my 941FL is an older generation Israeli LEO trade in, so does not have them.


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