Gone, but not forgotten!

Hey, folks – sorry for being quiet the past couple months. I have been exceedingly busy with work, other real life projects (learning MongoDB, 3D printing firearms, taking gun training classes, reloading), and TBH, the news on the Israeli gun has been rather quiet. The Tavor 7, Masada, and TS12 are still awaiting street release, so there’s not going to be a lot to report news-wise until people get their hands on them.

That said, I’ll try to find some time to write up a couple more reviews on some Israeli parts and accessories I’ve picked up recently.

I have been pondering a change of direction for the blog. I’d still like the focus to be on Israeli small arms and accessories, but I would probably have a lot more to write about if I added in the other gun-related stuff I’ve been working on. So, you’d still see a lot of Israeli stuff, but maybe more from my other interests. I’m still deciding on whether I want to do that-  there’s value in focus.

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