USPSA Match at TMGN – 2/3/2019

I shot my first USPSA match of 2019 last night. I had a good time, learned a little, and got some more motivation, so it was a success.

I forgot to get the video of the last stage, but it was a boring classifier anyways. Did reasonably well by my standards, given that I was a bit out of practice and recovering from a cold. First time shooting a match at TMGN – they have a nice range there.

Video after the jump…

Gun was a G34 Gen4 fed by Federal Syntech 150gr in Magpul Glock mags. Gear was a couple of BT double mag pouches and holster on an Uncle Mike’s belt. As you may surmise, I was shooting Production.

Quick analysis is that it turns out slow isn’t smooth, it’s just slow. I am still suffering from “fast dry-fire slow live-fire” syndrome, which I think is only gonna get fixed by more live-fire using a timer (which is on order!) and practicing my movement more. Lotta dudes went much faster than me and missed all over the place; I did pretty decently in terms of hitting what I was aiming at and not racking up a bunch of PEs in the process.

In spite of my mediocrity, came in 9/24 overall and 3/9 in Production, which is a new personal best (albeit club match, so it means whatever).

On a more meta note, TMGN is a nice place to shoot with a bunch of good guys who clearly have a lot of organizational camaraderie, which is always awesome. Definitely felt very welcomed! Got a little bit of the usual “oh look it’s a new fat guy in a kippah, he must be new to everything”, but to be expected. Only thing I didn’t love is that it took 3 hours to shoot through the match, which was a bit of a shock from my usual experience of a bit under an hour at the NRA HQ range.

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