USPSA Match at NRA HQ Range – 2/19/2019

For posterity, here’s a couple stages from the USPSA match I shot at NRA HQ range tonight.

Analysis after the break!

I forgot to video stages 3 and 4. I think I did pretty good (for me) on stage 3, and OK-ish on the stage 4 classifier. Gear was my usual G34 Gen4 with Magpul mags loaded with 147gr pills, sitting in Blade-Tech holster and pouches. Quick analysis on the stages I did video:

Stage 1: A pretty decent draw out the gate, surprisingly. I could be faster on transitions, but I was trying to get my splits down, because I feel like I’m too slow on shooting. Kinda screwed up the movement on the second set of targets and overshot – symptom of being fat and out of shape. Reloads on the move went fine. Probably should have gone like 10% slower to have gotten better hits, but oh well.

Stage 2: Usual slow transitions, with decent reloads on the move (I practice those a lot). Looking at the video, I could have moved faster off the buzzer than I did. I don’t love table starts, so maybe I need to practice them more.

I had no slide lock reloads the entire match, which is a new accomplishment for me. I think I outran my front sight for some of my shots – there were some Cs and an M/no-shoot that I really shouldn’t have gotten. I don’t get enough live-fire practice to really get the tempo I can reliably shoot at… more range time needed. The dry-fire practice is definitely showing on my performance, or so I like to believe.

The range recently cranked up the cost of matches to $40, which is steep for a level 1 match, but I had a good time and learned something about myself, which is probably money well spent. Very much appreciate that we were in and out in about 45 minutes – everyone was really on the ball with pasting and shooting, and none of the stages were very complex (*cough*IDPA*cough*).

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