What people are missing about the non-NFA Maxim 9

The hotness on the Interwebz for the past 24 hours has been the sneak peek from Soldier Systems Daily on the non-NFA version of the Silencerco Maxim 9. The Maxim 9, as you’ll recall, is an integrally suppressed semi-auto 9mm pistol. This new pistol would essentially be the Maxim 9 with a simple shroud where the first part of the integral suppressor would have gone.

Obviously, this is an early version of the system, and it’s subject to change. Hopefully they’ll have some more change by making the trigger suck less, and maybe doing away with the roll pin everyone hates. But as it is right now, there’s a few features that I think are really cool and that people are underestimating.

First: the fixed barrel allows you to not only mount a direct-thread comp sans booster, it also allows you use 3 lug mounts and ASR mounts (provided enough threaded portion is provided). You could also mount a compensator to it without all of the downsides you’d usually see on a Browning-style tilt-lock barrel. This isn’t ground-breaking stuff, but fixed barrels are somewhat unusual on semi-auto pistols these days.

Second: the front design of the gun allows for some interesting modularity. Right now, it has a picatinny rail there, but there’s nothing stopping them from integrating MLOK or going smooth, either. You could even replace the RMR cut with a real picatinny rail, maybe even extending over the back of the slide. (Incidentally, the restrictions on iron sights should be gone, since you’ll no longer be melting them from the suppressor’s heat.)

Third: it has a significant advantage with optics, because they are not moving with the slide. They should be more reliable, and you won’t have slide movement in the way. One slight downside might be that since they’re forward, the levering effect of recoil might make it harder to keep the dot… put a comp on your gun.

As mentioned previously, they do need to fix the trigger for this stuff to matter. The current trigger is going to be a deal-breaker for most serious shooters. On the other hand, if they do manage to fix it and provide some kind of better-than-average trigger, it could be a very popular pistol.

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