USPSA Match at NRA HQ Range – 11/20/2019

finally got myself back to the NRA HQ range for a USPSA match last night. This was my first one in like seven months.

It was not my finest hour – I’m out of practice. But I absolutely noticed substantial improvements to my shooting, and lost it more on unforced errors and equipment problems more than simply bad shooting.

This was my first time shooting Carry Optics. I used an RMR-equipped G19 and 21rd Glock pmags. I had substantial trouble with them dropping free throughout the match, which slowed down my reloads. I am not sure whether this is because I’m used to an extended release or what, but it sucked.

Let’s go through this stage by stage:

Stage 1 kicked off with a fairly comical oops on the initial load. Gotta smack that mag hard on a closed slide, and I didn’t. This cost me something like five seconds, which may as well have been fifty seconds on that stage. I was also a little slow on target array 2. Plus side, everything was an alpha. I was 26 out of 34 on this stage; if I had not screwed up the reload, I think it would have been closer to 20th.

Stage 2, I got tripped up by my mags not dropping free like they should have. My accuracy was entirely respectable – 21 alphas, three charlies. If anything, it was perhaps too respectable – I should have sped it up and accepted more Cs. I was 21/33 on this one.

Stage three was straightforward. I landed four charlies with my four alphas, which I think is a good shooting pace on a stage like this. What screwed me was forgetting I needed to stay put, and lost a few seconds by not staying in the damn box. Shockingly, I still landed in at 20/33.

I didn’t get video of stage four, but I came in 15/33 on the Take Your Choice classifier. Slow reload (drop-free issue) plus a touch of over-accuracy. I was solidly C class, which is disappointing, but predictable.

Overall, I came in 23/34. If everything had gone better, I think it could have been close to 18th – 20th place. That actually is not as bad as it sounds – a couple people went twice, and there were six PCC shooters. I was 6/9 in my division, 5/8 once you remove a person who went twice, so that’s not the worst showing I’ve ever had, either.

I think the take-away for me is clear – I need to figure out why the heck my Glock 19 frame isn’t dropping those mags free. It cost me a bunch of time. I also need to get in some matches, because those mistakes aren’t ones I can dry-fire away.

It wasn’t a good match for me, but the only bad match is the one you don’t shoot.

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