SHOT Show 2020 – Bergara, Leica, EAA/Tanfoglio, The Thin Blue Line, C-More, Magpul, Holosun, Primary Arms, CZ-USA

I have FINALLY made it to the end of floor 2. SHOT Show is divided into three main exhibition floors. The fifth floor is the smallest, but changes at least twice. The second floor is “very big”. The first floor is gigantic.

I haven’t hit the first floor. But I do have a lot of cool stuff to tell you about.

Bergara: I like bolt action rifles, and I have a kid who’s starting to hit the age where he wants to start shooting. I want a 22lr bolt action rifle that’s going to last him a while. When I read a while back that Bergara was introducing the B14R, a 22lr rifle that was basically a Remington 700 in terms of footprint and trigger, I was very intrigued. It’s not a cheap gun, but it’s also shoots sub-MOA with Eley Match ammo, and has access to the huge aftermarket of Remington 700 accessories. The carbon fiber barrel version (about a hundred bucks more) also cuts down weight further.


One other intriguing development was a pistol version of the rifle. What you see is a prototype – it’s a cut-down B14R with a Dead Air Mask on the front. It will probably be longer in its final version (and, obviously, no suppressor), but I could totally see doing a Form 1 on one.


Leica: Leica has a couple new laser rangefinders, both of which I’m sure are way out of my budget. Glass was pretty spectacular when I peeked through them.

EAA/Tanfoglio: I played with an EAA Tanfo Stock III for a bit. It was rad, and the trigger felt very good. They seem very committed to the Tanfoglio line, which is good.

The Thin Blue Line: So, guys, I’m not an oathkeeper or a threeper or whatever, but I do support our public servants (my civil servant wife would probably divorce me otherwise). A buddy’s brother-in-law runs Thin Blue Line USA, and they sell things that will let you publicly declare your support for the blue (police), red (firefighters), green (military), silver (corrections), and gold (dispatchers). I asked if there were more lines, and whether they would also correspond with other lines on the DC metro system. My humor was unappreciated.

C-More: I stopped in C-More‘s booth mostly because I lust after the M26 shotgun, and want to buy one even though it’s completely inappropriate for any and all usage I’d have for it. Yes, it’s bolt-action, but the part people don’t seem to get is that it is INSANELY light weight. It makes the 870 feel like a boat anchor. I also snapped a picture of their competition scope, if only because I was impressed they’ve been trying to make it work this long. This sort of motivation probably means I’m a hack journalist, but this is my blog, and I’ll be a hack if I want to.

Magpul: I took some pictures of Magpul’s new products. That 50rd Glock drum is destined for my PCC, and there will probably be some shots of it in my optics-equipped Glock 26. However, the Savage stock and 5.56 AICS magazines are going to be hugely appreciated in long-range shooting circles.

Holosun: Holosun is dominating the optics sector this year at SHOT. Yes, the new Vortex 1-10x scope is getting a lot of mindshare, and rightfully so. But in terms of things that normal people buy, the Holosun HS507Cv2 and HS507K are going to be massive sellers, as well as their new enclosed pistol red dot sight (I forget the model). Holosun also had their 25mm red dot optic on display, and it does make for a nice compromise between the Aimpoint PRO-sized 30mm and the Micro-sized 20mm. I personally find the 20mm optics to be a little small during drills where my cheek weld might be compromised.

They also had a couple of prototype giant machine gun optics that I’d define as “maybe a little too big”. It was hilarious to see the offset magnifier working just fine, though.

Primary Arms: Primary Arms had a lot of stuff, even in their 2nd floor booth. There is one, and only one thing I want to tell you about: their new, seemingly-unannounced “Gold Line” 2x prism sight (made in China, but spec’d for good glass). The glass indeed seemed very solid, the fixed mount is well-designed with a recoil lug, and, more importantly, the eye relief on it was incredibly flexible. I was able to slide my face along the entire length of the stock, all the way back, and keep a usable sight picture. You are never going to do that with a 3x prism sight. One of their guys told me that he had personally put over 5000 rounds of 308 through a SCAR 17 with this optic mounted, with no problems holding zero.

CZ: I’m a competition shooter, so I made a bee-line straight to the DWX at CZ‘s booth. I don’t want to say I was underwhelmed, but it was not quite the revelation I thought it would be. It could be this is one of those guns that distinguishes itself when you’re shooting it in Limited, what with the straight-back trigger.

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