SHOT Show 2020 – Viktos, Kosher Surplus

I am wrapping up my SHOT Show coverage, as I am heading back to DC tomorrow, and am pretty exhausted from all this walking otherwise.

Viktos: Viktos has a booth right near the escalator to the third floor, and they were generous about handing out swag, so I’m going to give them a little coverage. (My blunt honesty here should be inspiring, I hope.)

The big new releases for 2020 are their Contractor MC multi-cam pants ($160 MSRP) and their Operatus jeans ($99 MSRP). These have the heavy reinforcement that you’d expect out of a company that prepares you for “your daily gunfight”. Plus, the Contractor MC pants have a double zipper in the crotch, so the guys can go #1 without any other pants movement. (Ladies, you laugh, but this is a real benefit if you’re wearing a gun belt.) One change to note is that the multi-cam Contractor MC pants are made of ripstop due to the camo coloring. I need to lose about 70lbs before I can fit into anything besides their shoes and T-shirts, so don’t expect a review soon. I do have more fit friends who wear their stuff, and I’ve never heard complaints.

Kosher Surplus: The proprietor/owner of Kosher Surplus was wandering SHOT, so we decided to meet up and chat. I’ve bought a few things from them, and they’re cool cats. The owner is a finance guy who got into guns, helped some gun stores out with financial needs, and then started running his own firearms accessories and ammo business. His first big move was distributing the Piney Mountain .22lr tracers, which he followed by distributing API and tracer ammo in centerfire calibers. The next big thing to look for is night vision. I was impressed by his willingness to help out other small business with distribution – this is an industry that works best when it’s collaborative.

If you’re wondering about the name, it was a nickname from someone he bought a bunch of surplus from. He’s Jewish, he buys surplus… hence the name “Kosher Surplus”. Mystery solved!

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