The Best Sources for Buying Israeli Guns and Parts

My firearms dealers will freely tell you that I have rather unique and eclectic taste in firearms. I often get asked by people “where did you get THAT?” Well, the answer is “a few different places”. After the jump, my favorite sources for Israeli guns and parts…

Here are the best places to find Israeli firearms and parts:

  1. Cole’s Distributing on Gunbroker has an amazing number of police trade-in semi-autos, and they post up new stuff every day. They regularly post pistols that never made it to the US otherwise. I buy so much from them that I wish I had my own FFL01 to save on transfer costs.
  2. Gunbroker in general. The best way to find stuff is to do saved searches on specific firearms – make sure to check the “email results daily” box. Best deals will be found when people set their buy-it-now pricing too low.
  3. Century Arms. Word of warning: your FFL dealer will need to order from them for you. But the “odd lots” section is basically a gold mine for random Israeli awesomeness.
  4. UziTalk classifieds. UziTalk is basically the last “Israeli guns” forum that has significant activity, and their classifieds section tends to have a heavier concentration of Israeli rifles and parts than most.
  5. Gun shows. I have found some interesting parts at gun shows for reasonable (albeit not amazing) prices. Example: IMI FN FAL mags. There’s always a chance for an amazing deal, but these seem to become rarer every year. Best to bring a shopping list.
  6. 24hr Tactical. One of the few places that has South African Galil parts and new night sights.
  7. Apex Gun Parts. Their supply of Galil parts is much reduced from a few years ago, but they’re one of the few places with magazines. Lots of Uzi parts, though.
  8. Sarco. Much like Apex, they’re better with the Uzi parts,  but have Galil parts and mags.
  9. RobertRTG. Robert is a great source of Uzi parts and kits. Best source of cheap Uzi mags.
  10. 762Precision. One of the best sources for FAB Defense, Front Line Holsters, E-Lander, and Meprolight products.
  11. IDF Holsters. Appears to be run by Mako, with a very similar selection to 762Precision. IMHO, the other very good source for modern Israeli accessories and gear.

With many of these sources, tenacity in checking them is really the key. The best deals don’t really last long, and if you snooze, you lose. I’d also advise knowing what you’re looking for – searching for a specific item is a lot easier than browsing pages of forum ads.

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