Sirkis SQP

I was doing some research on some of the less-known Israeli handguns, and ran across a picture of the Sirkis SQP. This is from a scan of the “Guns Handgun Annual 1985” magazine.

sirkis sqp

As you can see, the SQP has a Walther PPK-esque profile, with the addition of a squeeze cocker ala the HK P7. It is certainly a somewhat prettier gun than the Sirkis SD-9, and might have made a decent carry piece if it wasn’t too heavy (which was the SD-9’s ultimate downfall). Unfortunately, I don’t have a copy of the magazine to see what they said about it.

Nehemiah Sirkis is still alive (he designed the IWI Dan rifle), so it might be time to reach out to him and get some more details about some of his guns that we never quite saw.

7 thoughts on “Sirkis SQP”

    1. Sirkis is a guy I’d desperately love to talk to to find out the full extent of his design work. I’d also like to collect his American designed guns, but the real Israeli-made stuff keeps me busy enough as it is.


      1. I can’t find a mention of it in either of the “Guns & Ammo” annuals from 1985. I suspect it is in the “Guns Magazine” annual from that year.

        Don’t forget that Sirkis also did design work for Detonics during the early 1980s, including the Pocket 9 and a top-break revolver that was never brought to market. The SQP bears a strong resemblance to the Pocket 9.


      1. I probably have a copy of that issue, but it is buried in a box somewhere in my basement.

        I suspect that your comment filter caught my reply with the links to articles, photos, and the US patent for the Detonics revolver designed by Sirkis. The May/June 1983 issue of “American Handgunner” has mention of both the Pocket 9 and the revolver. This issue can be downloaded for free at their website. The design was covered by US Patent #4,539,771.


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