BUL M-5 Mags and Parts Source

A recurrent “theme” (read: whine) I’ve had about BUL handguns is that the magazine and parts situation is somewhat dire, especially on the 9mm side. On a tip, I did find someone who stocks BUL M-5 magazines and parts. Ask for Lou at All America Sales (870-544-2809). He was able to source some stuff for me that I had a lot of difficulty finding otherwise, and his prices were quite reasonable (to the point where I was wondering if he wasn’t getting out of sourcing these parts to begin with).

I am in the process of upgrading my M-5 using those parts, and should have an article on that process soon.

6 thoughts on “BUL M-5 Mags and Parts Source”

  1. Hey Jew with a gun, whiner here ;-} I thought I’d found my “match pair gun for range use” in the M5 being a 9mm version of my Wilson KZ45. It runs great but I cannot find mags anywhere! Tried the suggested Para P18s and they do not work. I tried the phone number for Lou and phone is disconnected. Only All America Sales I can find is a trucking outfit out of Houston, do you by chance have another number for Lou? Thanks! Todd


    1. Try 870-324-0085.

      That said, you can file the top of the magazine notch with a flat edge jeweler’s file until it fits… assuming the KZ45 really uses BUL M5 mags. I’ve heard varying claims about whether the KZ45 is really a BUL M5 frame or not.


      1. Thanks, I’ll call him Monday! I wasn’t clear in my post, the KZ45 is my carry .45, I got the Bul as a 9mm range version. So do need 9mm mags for it, I use Wilson’s own mags for the .45. The frame is almost EXACTLY the same, just with different logo, Story goes that the reason Wilson, Charles Daly, and Kimber stopped making their composite lines was that they could not get the frames in a timely manner from Israel and customers were waiting over a year – bad customer service.


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