Battle Ready International selling 9mm BUL 1911s


It’s been a long time in coming, but Battle Ready International has updated their website and is now selling BUL Classic 1911s in 9mm. They seem to have them in Commander and Government lengths, but not the oh-so-sexy Ultra / Officer length (or at least those aren’t up on the website). After having handled an Ultra-X, I am a real believer in compact 1911s, and hope they’ll get on that soon.

I also see BUL Cherokee Compacts with threaded barrels now, which may prove a good option for someone looking for a nice, easy-to-suppress Israeli firearm.

2 thoughts on “Battle Ready International selling 9mm BUL 1911s”

    1. Hi Josh I have a bul m5 .45 acp and I’m looking for spare parts lie mag catches and mags also any other parts for a bul m5 can you send me a list and prices for parts thanks
      ps I live in Barbados and I am a member of the Barbados rifle and hand gun association


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