Happy New Year! Stats from 2015.

Happy New Year!

I’d like to thank the readers who have made this blog such a success. Your comments have really enhanced my own writing, and I’ve learned so much on the way. I even think I’ve made a couple new friends, which is always great! 🙂

2015 was the first full year of The Hebrew Hammer blog, and here are the stats:

  • 12,971 visitors
  • 55 posts published!

The most popular articles were:

  1. Mepro Tru-Dot RDS review
  2. IMI Jericho 941F review
  3. Fab Defense KPOS Gen2 (in G17) review

Read on for more thoughts and stats!

I think that a legitimate criticism of this blog is that I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing handguns lately, but not as much on rifles. There is a reason for this, namely that I don’t really have much room in the safe for new rifles, and that looming Jewish day school tuition is causing something of a pullback in my gun funds (for now!). That’s not even taking into account that, sometimes, I like guns that aren’t Israeli-made (I am very excited about the TP9SFX and the Grand Power X-Calibur, not to mention a few rifles builds I have on standby).

But, that said, I do plan to work on that shortcoming in the coming year by digging into my safe and writing some thoughtful posts on some of the Israeli rifles I’ve collected. I’ll also try to look more closely at Israeli-made magazines and accessories.

My goal, as ever, is to provide a central repository of information for the American collector of Israeli firearms and accessories.

A sneak peek at some upcoming content:

  • BUL Storm Compact review
  • BUL Cherokee Gen1 review (with Impact parts compatibility)
  • E-Lander mag reviews
  • 3D printing a magazine spacer/sleeve
  • A two-year retrospective on the Tavor

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