IWI-US News Out of Big 3 East

TheFirearmBlog has a nice write-up on upcoming IWI-US releases, as announced at the Big 3 East event.

First, as I had previously predicted, the Dan bolt-action rifle is getting a US release. Price? $7000. Suffice it to say, the only way I’ll be reviewing it is if I hit the jackpot or get a loaner. I suspect it will be quite a collector’s item in a couple decades.

Next, the X95 is getting a proper “X95 Micro” SBR release in the future with a 13″ barrel. Given the somewhat bastardized looks of the current X95, this is some welcome news. If you’re on the fence on the X95, that might be a reason to stay put for a bit.

(I wish they would give the Uzi Pro Pistol some similar treatment… I think it would have sold far better as a rifle than as a pistol.)

Finally, both the Tavor and X95 will be getting .300AAC releases. The design of the Tavor/X95 doesn’t lend itself to barrel-only conversions due to potential headspace issues, so these have been slower and more expensive to get out the door. (Also mentioned was a potential 22lr kit, but it was not considered commercially viable at $500 MSRP.)


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