IWI X95 Accuracy Issues?

There have been some posts on ARFCOM alleging that the X95 has some accuracy issues out of the box, and is not measuring up to the 1-2MOA that people have been getting out of the original Tavor SAR. Groups with even high quality match ammo seem to be more like 3-4 MOA.

Accuracy testing on bullpups is notoriously tricky due to the problems of getting them properly bench-rested, but there’s enough data in the thread (including some from AUGs and Tavor SARs) that buyers should at least be concerned about the problem. Anyone know if the X95 barrels are from the US or Israel? One of the nice points about the Tavor SAR was that delightful Israeli-made barrel – you knew you were getting what the IDF was getting.

5 thoughts on “IWI X95 Accuracy Issues?”

  1. You might find this interesting:

    He was using an Israeli barrel. It’s not awful, but it’s certainly no more accurate than any other rack-grade rifle in this case.


    1. I very much agree. Much as the so-so accuracy is annoying to us here, it’s going to be deadly to IDF troops if the problem exists in the military version of the weapon.


      1. i do not understand IWI, they have such a name, culd sell anything
        and are like a byrocratic stepson of the startup nation.
        some products and lines make me
        mad. i think they will
        fix the x95,
        but when i watch what is next in produktion, i an iritated much.

        shabat shalom from germany, sorry for my english.


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