New Blaster: EAA/Girsan MC1911S with Custom CHPWS Plate

Since I have a ton of large pistol primers, I decided I’d supplement my 9mm expenditure by loading some 45 Automatic (aka, 45 ACP). My load recipe is a boring old 230gr coated bullet on top of 5.3gr of Unique with max OAL.

I have a couple guns in 45 Auto, but neither of them is something I’d want to use for a daily driver due to relative rarity (especially my KSN GAL). I splurged a bit, and picked up an EAA Girsan MC1911S, which has a factory optics cut and accessory rail. It’s really quite fetching!

Holster compatibility is problematic, but there are options out there. The trigger pull is nothing to write home about, but not worse than any other cheap 1911. The accessory rail seems to be in spec. The magazine well was tight – maybe a bit too tight, as a couple of random 1911 magazines wouldn’t fit in it. It fired my handloads with 100% reliability, which is not nothing, though.

It came with a factory optic. Said factory optic is a “Derry”, and it is obvious garbage. It sells on Alibaba for $35 in bulk. While I am sure that margins on reflex sights are not horrible for most manufacturers, I’ve got a lot of qualms about the reliability of something that’s retailing for $35 – and other reviews of this pistol seemed to indicate that failures happened quickly. It uses a Docter footprint, which is not really a terrible footprint, but none of the cool guy sights use it anymore. Suffice it to say, I did not bother with this optic at all.

Enter C&H Precision Weapon Systems (CHPWS). Utilizing some shared contacts, I was able to contract CHPWS to develop a better red dot plate with the Holosun HS507K footprint. It was not cheap, and it took a while, but the results were gorgeous, and the HS507K is just the right width for my pistol – a bit of overhang on the sides, but far less than an RMR. It also exudes a sort of quality that the factory sight didn’t even come close to replicating.

The radius matches the slide perfectly. You can see the usual CNC milling angles, which I consider acceptable for this sort of purpose.

When I took my new gun out to the range, I was impressed. The optic was rock solid on the slide, and the gun kept on running with 100% reliability. While I had to fight the trigger a bit to keep my shots in the same hole, when I did my part, the accuracy at 10yds was excellent.

You can get an optics-equipped Girsan MC1911S for about $600 off Gunbroker. My optics plate was a $200 custom job, but keep in mind that normal plates from CHPWS start from $70 on up – so paying a fair bit more for something that literally didn’t exist and probably doesn’t have much of a market doesn’t seem terribly unfair to me – and perhaps it’ll be slightly cheaper for you since the design work is done now. With the 507K, I’m about a thousand bucks in, total.

I’m looking forward to using this gun at a class or two, and for messing around at the range. I suppose I could even run it in IDPA Carry Optics if I felt like being an iconoclast. A trigger job would probably make it a much more comfortable shooter, so that’s an upgrade I’ll be looking into when funds allow.

There’s a touch of overhang because a 1911’s slide is 0.9″, and the 507K’s width is 0.98″. But .04″ off the side isn’t much.

ETA (2/6/2022): the GLS wide holster with a shim works well enough for this gun, especially if you tweak the set screw. The Nighthawk Drop-In Trigger System also works just fine, no safety fitting required. It dropped the trigger pull to about 3.5lbs, which was a rather dramatic improvement.

17 thoughts on “New Blaster: EAA/Girsan MC1911S with Custom CHPWS Plate”

  1. Could you be more clear about the holster “options” out there? I have the same gun but can’t find any holster that fits with the fed dot mounted.


    1. Sure. The easiest thing to do is grab a Safariland GLS standard, and use the shim. It SHOULD hold this gun correctly. Another option is to use something like the Blackhawk Omnivore with the light of your choice.


      1. Thanks very much. I feel like I’ve already spent weeks on the computer searching. I did buy a Fobus Tactical EMC but I had to modify it for the red dot. It works, but I’m not really satisfied with the way it looks. The other detail I forgot to mention is that I have a Steiner Tor Fusion laser & light mounted and I cant find ANYTHING that’s compatible with that. But I’m willing to buy a different model if I can find a holster that accepts it.

        Thanks for answering back,



    2. GLS Wide with the (included) shim wound up being the correct answer. Not sure why it needed to be a wide, but it didn’t like the standard much. Shot mine at a 3gun match in heavy open, worked nicely.


  2. Hey, do you happen to know what footprint the slide is cut for? I can’t find it. I’m wanting to mount a Holosun 407C to it but can’t find what kind of adapter plate will fit the slide.


      1. Ah, that’s why you needed to specialty order it from CHPWS? That’s extremely unfortunate. Thank you for your time and assistance


  3. So did you design this plate yourself or did you have c&h design it. If c&h designed it do you think I would be able to buy one from them?


      1. Do you happen to still have the email you used to buy it? because I’ve tried to contact CHPW through their website contact feature, half a dozen times and still haven’t gotten a single email back


      1. good luck to Rickard, I’m still trying to get one from them lol. contacted them a few times already, and nothing but crickets


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